Cleaning for Moving

If you are moving in the Spring, at the time of this post, you may find that cleaning your home to move is the most challenging. Spring is the messiest season because it’s very likely your house is dirty on the inside and the outside. It can be overwhelming to clean both places: the home you are leaving that you desire to have clean for the new owners and the new home where you are moving. The good thing is that once you have this huge job done, you won’t have to think about cleaning for awhile.

First, start cleaning those places that are not cleaned for a long time like the basement or the garage.  Then shift your work into the outdoor areas as to get more space so you can move easily when you are cleaning and maybe even store some boxes outside.  Always bring a garbage can inside the place where you are cleaning so that you can easily throw the waste.

Normally this spring cleaning is done by the whole family and hopefully that is the case so that you can involve everyone in tossing what they don’t want to move to your new home, as well as engage them to clean at least their own personal space inside.  Hiring someone for cleaning does not mean that the person will decide what should be thrown away or what should stay in the house – that should be done by the family members – but it can lighten the load, providing a good strategy for delegating the work that needs done.

A good rule of thumb for choosing items to discard when you are moving is to place those things into the yard or garage that you have not used for the last six months.  If you are having trouble parting with your possessions, consider donating them to a charity instead of placing in the garbage – it can be a good feeling knowing that someone who is in need of these items will make good use of them.

Just the thought of moving can be very stressful:  there is so much physical work to be done, there are extra expenses and more demand on your time, and the whole process is often very tiresome.  Writing lists and daily planning will go a long way to help you keep your sanity.  With most anything in life, you can get ideas for whatever is overwhelming you by going to Google or another search engine and searching for solutions to your challenges.

Cardboard boxes are used for packaging so that your goods remains being undamaged.  Recyclable packaging material and plastic moving crates are used to promote the concept of green moving.  It’s also a good idea to use green cleaners at both places:  you or the new home owner moving into the house you are leaving may have allergies, asthma or other respiratory problem that will benefit from not having chemicals, toxins and fumes in the air of your home(s). is great solution when it comes to green moving.  If you hire them they will deliver the boxes you need to your home, and once you completed your packing they will deliver your belongings to your new place.  These kinds of facilities help make moving to your new home become easier and has great benefits for the environment.

In terms of green cleaning, the Shaklee Corporation has provided safe, non-toxic, powerful, biodegradable green cleaning products for over 50 years.  Their Basic H all-purpose concentrated cleaner was the official green cleaner of the very first Earth Day here in the United States.  They currently have several cleaning sales available in honor of spring cleaning, Earth Day, and an incentive with Farmville on Facebook.

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