Cleaning Your Home If You Are A Pet Owner

cleaning after pets

When you have a pet it may seem difficult to keep your home properly cleaned. As you know there may be a lot of hair that finds it way throughout your home. It will most likely be necessary to clean more often, especially if you want to feel like your house is presentable.

We have learned a lot in recent years about green cleaning, and getting the chemicals and toxins that are found in many store brand cleaners out of our home. It is for our family’s safety and it is important for your pet as well.

You should not use harmful chemicals in direct contact with your pet. Remember that they will lick surfaces you clean and you don’t want them ingesting any chemical or toxic residue. Today we have better options that will not only disinfect and clean our homes, but they will do it safely.

Pet’s hair can cause challenges and there are solutions for that as well. Portable vacuum devices with floor attachments or steam mops have proved to be very good. Microfiber pads at the bottom of cleaning units can perform well in collecting hair and leaving a fur-free surface. These devices are available at affordable prices and there are more expensive, better quality options as well.

Dogs like to stick their nose against the window and it can be difficult to clean them. You don’t need toxic chemicals or nasty smells or fumes to get clean windows. The green options that are now readily available will do a very effective job at removing the marks left behind by your pet.

Cats leave their hair all over the house and this hair cause severe allergies to some people. If you can keep the fur clear it will help minimize the occurrence of allergies, and green cleaning is much more pleasant to do on a daily basis. You can keep solutions mixed in spray bottles for quick clean ups and you won’t hesitate to get them out more often since they aren’t nasty to handle.

Over time you will find your pet’s carrier or kennel untidy with mud from outside, pets hairs and the remaining of the foods you give them. These areas can also be cleaned well with biodegradable, green cleaning products that are healthier for you pet as well as keeping the air you breathe safe.

Using green cleaners not only keeps your house clean, clear and sparkling – it is harmless to your pets because you are not exposing them to harmful chemicals. Plus they are very easy and pleasant to use without offensive smells and gentle for your hands.

Another tip, especially if your pet sleeps with you, is to wash your bed sheets twice monthly in 140-degree hot water that keeps your bed clean and free from allergens. This is healthy for you and your children.

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