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Posted April 22, 2011  on Fast Pitch

Earth Day Natural Green Cleaning Packages Announced

Unique green home cleaning packages are available throughout the United States effective April 22, 2011.  Earth Day provides an opportune time for families to begin making a green contribution to the environment and at the same time rid their homes of chemicals and toxins that may be present in the cleaning products they currently use.  Toxic ingredients in household products have been associated with illnesses and diseases such as allergies, asthma, respiratory and reproductive system problems and cancer.

Awareness about toxins and chemicals in cleaning products that we use in our homes has sparked a demand for safer alternatives that are not associated with health consequences that can result from inhaling fumes or exposure to the toxic materials.  The environment is another important consideration because landfills are filled with empty bottles of cleaning products, and those numbers could be drastically reduced if concentrated products were used and mixed with water in re-useable spray bottles.

Vicki Zerbee represents the Shaklee brand of green cleaning products and states, “People do not want to sacrifice cleaning performance for a more environmentally and people friendly green cleaner, even if they would like to make a difference in helping our planet.  They need their cleaning products to clean effectively.  The good news is that our green cleaners made from natural products are performers.  They have been tested against the most popular store brands and either outperformed them or cleaned just as well as other powerful cleaning alternatives that are not as safe.”

As an added incentive to choose a safe, healthy, green cleaning brand, Zerbee points out the special priced introductory package that begins on Earth Day 2011, April 22.  Zerbee notes, “Our brand is like a Sam’s Club where you pay a membership fee and get a price discount on products.  We currently have a one time membership fee, not an annual fee similar to store clubs.  Right now, that $19.95 membership fee is being waived for new memberships that place a $30.00 product order.  And on top of that, we have this green Earth Day cleaning package that has been further discounted as a way the brand can give back to the environment while helping more families have a safer, healthier home.”

The green cleaning Earth Day healthy home package includes:  a 16 oz bottle of the brand’s unique, super concentrated household cleaner that will get mixed into hundreds of bottles of all-purpose cleaner or window cleaner, two spray bottles to mix the concentrate with water, two super microfiber cleaning cloths, a 16 oz bottle of dish Washing liquid concentrate, a 32 oz bottle of liquid laundry concentrate that also makes a great spot remover, and as a bonus the brand’s unique energy chews that come in a package of 10 and are used for a boost of energy for tough cleaning sessions or whenever extra, natural energy is needed.

Vicki Zerbee notes, “We are a wellness company and I really like how the energy chews have been added to the package to introduce people to a natural energy booster to help with longer, tougher spring cleaning.  Another thing I think is worthy to note is that this $30 package created in honor of Earth Day is worth significantly more than the $30 price tag, plus a free membership is included that gives ongoing member benefits with discount prices on all products. And last but certainly not least, when you use the Shaklee brand of concentrated cleaners, you will learn how well it pays you to mix your own water with the super concentrated all purpose cleaner in
order to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars (on window cleaning mixture).”

To learn more about the Earth Day safe, natural, green and healthy home package, and how using the Shaklee brand helps you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cleaning costs, visit:  Earth Day green cleaning.

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