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Helping the environment by saving energy that’s used to manufacture and ship all those bottles of cleaning products that people buy – by and keeping so many empty bottles our of our over-crowded landfills – and helping you create a healthier home for your family by living in a toxic-free home IS STILL ONLY PART OF THE STORY.

We still want performance. We want our cleaners to CLEAN. Shaklee delivers that – and we did the testing against the most popular store brands and proved our green cleaning superior performance!

And how about SAVING MONEY? We can deliver that as well. Take a look:

This example was provided over a year ago now. With the increase of store product prices, we may actually see more of a savings!

The Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit replaces $3,400 worth of cleaning products from your local supermarket!

Dear Friends,

I thought this claim may be true of grocery stores, but probably not Wal-Mart.

So, last night I took my kids on a field trip to Wal-Mart and found the prices for the products that Shaklee says Get Clean replaces.  (I found this information on the Product Sheet for the Get Clean Starter Kit – for bottle sizes, etc, please refer to that sheet.)  I was shocked at these results.

Fantastik: 60 bottles @ $1.78 = $106.80

Windex: 728 bottles @ $4.44 = $3,232.32

Cascade: 2.5 boxes @ $2.38 = $5.95

Downy: 3 bottles @ $4.28 = $12.84

Woolite: $4.74

Clorox Wipes: $2.33

Soft Scrub: $2.66

Bounce: $3.24

Tide: $6.64 (100 oz)

Mr. Clean = 25.5 bottles @ $2.47 = $63.23

Total Wal-Mart cost = $3,441.75


Obviously, the biggest savings is with Windex and Fantastik.  But with that kind of savings, you can afford to pay for all Shaklee cleaning products – especially since they work so well and are comparable in price to other brands!

On a side note:  I almost picked up a bottle of the new Clorox — a hard surface cleaner.  It had such a beautiful bottle; it almost seemed to me that it must be safe to use anywhere.

I caught myself, and remembered it’s bleach!  Not safe at all.  (I did not pick up the bottle to read the warning label, but I should have!)  The point here is packaging makes such a difference.  I’m thrilled with Shaklee’s beautiful packaging.

Another side note:  while trying to find the correct Downy bottle for comparison, I nearly fell over (quite literally) because of the strong, strong scent near the fabric softeners.  It was quite overpowering. Fortunately, I was able to get out of the aisle before I got a headache.  I’d hate to have to go down that aisle on a regular basis!

Still yet another side note (the last I promise you):  I had to make a special trip to Wal-Mart to check out prices.  Why?  Because I only go there once or twice a year.

I don’t need to because all my personal care products are delivered right to my door.  Convenient?  Yes.  But with four children with me, it also saves me the aggravation of the whining and begging that Wal-Mart inevitably brings about, and the money I would be tempted to spend (that I know my friends are spending) to buy their kids something just to stop the begging.  I’m thrilled with Shaklee!

M. L.
p.s.:  Sales tax on $3,441.75 is significantly higher than sales tax on a Get Clean Starter Kit at $99.00.  In fact, you could buy two (2) Get Clean Kits with the savings on taxes alone.   Impressive.

To see the green clean starter kit and get more information about them, visit:  Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit (click on an individual product to be taken to a page that gives features and directions).

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