Shaklee Healthy Homes Coming to FarmVille

Welcome FarmVille Family:)

Do you play FarmVille?  Could your property benefit from some safe, green, economical and powerful Spring Cleaning benefits?

If you came to this page as a non-FarmVille user who wanted to see what all the buzz is about, we don’t discriminate – you are welcome to learn about Healthy Homes as well.  The Shaklee Corporation has partnered with FarmVille to make available Shaklee Healthy Homes for all farm owners.

New on Farmville

The Shaklee Healthy Home is a smart addition to every FarmVille farm.  The Shaklee brand is excited to contribute to your health and wellness – for your family, your home, your farm, and your environment.

About Shaklee:

Shaklee represents the brand the very first Earth Day founders chose to be the official Earth Day green cleaner (Basic H).  And Shaklee has made a legacy of leadership in environmental contributions, including earning the designation as the very first Climate Neutral company in the United States.

Just like you do on the farm, the Shaklee family recognizes the importance of hard work, quality products and services, and the value of a dollar.  In all areas, from product research and manufacturing to customer service, we work hard at making a difference in your world.

The Healthy Home Kit

So what’s the buzz about a Healthy Home Kit being offered as part of FarmVille making available a Shaklee Healthy Home for your farm?

It’s something Shaklee wanted to do for you in honor of connecting with FarmVille.  And it’s a very sweet deal.

To introduce you to some high quality, high performance, economical (you WILL save lots of money), safe and green cleaning products – this package that is valued at about $90 retail is available to you for a very limited time for only $30.00*.

Important to note:  To you, the picture below may look like just a few bottles of cleaners.  So what?  How’s it different from anything you currently use?  That’s where we come in.  We will show you the difference.  We will talk to you about the difference if you like.

Farmville Family Benefits

It’s about trusting a brand to bring you safe products for you and your family – and giving you another way to make a contribution to a cleaner, safer planet.

It’s about giving you some real cleaning power – for your easy jobs to your most challenging!

It’s about helping you SAVE MONEY!

And it’s about helping your family be healthier.

Just one of these products, that comes in concentrate form that you mix a tiny bit with your own water, will save you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS – and you will be so happy with all the things it cleans AND how well it cleans (look below for a link to 30 cleaning uses – and there are many more).

What’s included:

1. Basic H2 All-Purpose Cleaner (16 oz) – the super concentrated cleaner that lasts a long, long time and saves you A LOT of money!

2. Two Spray Bottles - to mix Basic H (mix very small amounts with water – saves waste & manufacturing energy)

3. Get Clean Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – awesome to use

4. Get Clean Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate – (very gentle on your hands as it cleans and concentrated so you only use a little)

5. Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate (32 oz) – (use just a little and it cleans great without fillers, plus a great spot remover)

6. Shaklee Energy™ Chews (tastes like candy and part of the natural nutrition line that helps you get that extra energy you need to Spring Clean!!)

*Shaklee has never had an opportunity for new customers like this, and it is for a very limited time.  Part of the savings mentioned above is that you become a full member of the Shaklee member price club at no extra cost.

To explain more about Shaklee:  we offer health and wellness products, including (in my opinion) the very best green cleaning products on the market.  We sell at retail, but we also have a membership (similar to Sam’s Club or Costco) that helps you save 15% when you buy products + other savings during special sales offered to members.

The normal charge for membership is a one-time (not annual) fee of $19.95.  In honor of connecting with the Farmville Family, Shaklee is waiving that fee when you place a $30.00 order.  So, when you purchase the Healthy Home Kit for $30, that qualifies you for free membership and gives you that $90 value for only $30.00.

Here’s a video to tell you more about Shaklee green cleaners and how they can make a difference on your farm!  You are encouraged to call or email us with any questions or to discuss (contact info is on top right of this page).

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